Terms and Conditions (Skipass Sale)


The mountain environment in which you find yourself and the ever-changing natural and/or artificial conditions that characterize it, along with the nature of the practice of the sport of skiing, pose a risk. The purchase of a ticket and the use of the lift systems means you are aware of and accept all the conditions present in the regulations, and agree to apply common sense. It will not be possible for skiers to make claims against the Company for injury resulting from accidents caused by any of the conditions that are an integral part of the practice of skiing, of which, as an indication: conditions of the terrain, that may be characterized by discontinuities and irregularities of the snow cover caused by a variation in weather conditions, grooming, daily usage, falls of other skiers and partial grooming after a snowfall, along with the presence of small rocks and artificial snow mounds, according to the law.


1. The purchase of a ticket means that the client is aware of and accepts the “ticket-office rules”.

2. The “ticket-office rules” are based upon the price-lists on display and is to be considered part of it.

3. Tickets are valid during normal opening hours of the lifts and are subject to the “Travellers Conditions” established by each ski area, they can be purchased from the ticket-offices of the Snowit’s Ski Area Operators and through Snowit mobile app. Please refer to the following specific terms and condition for each of the Snowit Ski Area Operator partner:

4. All tickets are strictly personal and are non-transferable. Abusive behaviour of any kind will lead to their immediate withdrawal, followed by the application of legal sanctions. Those whom use the tickets of another person may be punished by sanctions provided in article 494 of the Penal Code (impersonation) and article 640 of the Penal Code (fraud); the person consenting to the misuse may also be punishable. In these cases, along with the consequences of sanctions, the ticket will be withdrawn and made void. Where a ski-pass has been issued on a keycard, the deposit will not be refunded. Clients must carry with them the document that justifies a discounted ticket, this document along with the ticket must be presented to staff, upon request, at lift control points to verify the entitled transport category. Keycard and payment receipts (also received by email) must be provided by the client where necessary.

5. Tickets purchased are not subject to refunds, neither full or partial, they cannot be replaced for any reason, such as impossibility of use by the client. The validity and duration of the ticket cannot be changed after purchase. The client must verify at the moment of purchase that the type and price of the ticket issued corresponds to their request as no claims can be made thereafter.

6. For insurance policy terms and conditions please refer to: http://www.24hassistance.com/download/Assicurazione-sci-snowboard-Fascicolo-informativo-ENG.pdf

7. Ski Area Operatos reserves the right to decide, at their unquestionable discretion, the opening and closing times and periods of the lifts and slopes. The ski-pass prices are established and the opening and closing of the lifts and slopes do not have influence on the ticket price.

8. Prices may be subject to variation dependant on fiscal changes or exchange rates. The price of International ski-passes may be subject to variation depending on the Euro/Swiss Francs exchange rates.

9. The Ski Area Operators reserves the right to amend tariffs and conditions at any time during the season.